Saturday, November 24, 2012


Note: this post was intended for Thursday.

We have reasons to be thankful everyday. And here we are living in a free country, where we can do pretty much as we please, with plenty of resources that are readily available; yet we are demanding more as if we were entitled to it.

We wonder why God "doesn't answer our prayers" because God is "good" and "loving". These concepts of God aren't wrong but they're also incomplete. We have so much and cannot find it in our hearts to be thankful for what our all powerful and just God has given his spoiled children that do not merit anything but death.

When we learn to be grateful, we will be one step closer to learning to be the children God wants us to be; children that are humble, loving, kind, courteous, honest, just, honorable, etc.

Since this post was intended for Thursday the titles of the pictures should read:

Be thankful for family.
Be thankful for hole-in-the-wall Chinese places.
Be thankful for enjoying breakfast instead of rushing through it.

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