Monday, October 10, 2011

Can you see the common thread?

Picture yourself in a town that's dirty, unsafe, but mostly unholy. No one around here is thinking about their fellow man and much less God. You are consistently fearing for your safety due to the incredible amount of violent crimes. Then God tells your relative that the planet is going to have water falling on it for 40 days (serious waterfall that you've never heard of, much less seen).

Now picture yourself years after that as a different character. Hearing the story of your family. How they survived a flood when before that there was never even rain (which now happens more often). How they were told to spread around the earth and populate the planet. Thing is everyone is scared and they'd rather just stay together, so they start building a HUGE tower to be able to find each other if they end up getting lost. God is, to say the very least not very happy with that idea.

I think you guys get where I'm going. Slaves for the Egyptians and the thousands of miracles detailed there to save His people, the handing down of the 10 commandments, etc. The list goes on and on. What is the common thread you see?

God has always been there. He has put all plans into motion. He has seen it all, He has done it all... and somehow I seem to think that I have a better grip on things than He does. Next time you think that you know how to handle things and you've got it all in control: think of the one who's been there from the beginning. The one that has done everything, that sacrificed everything and created everything; and then ask yourself, "Who really knows better?"


  1. Amen! So grateful that God is always there.

  2. Good thinking, this is my exact point in my last post.....He's in control, He's predestined it, let Him do His job and trust Him to be God. Great thinking, and yes, can you EVEN imagine what Noah had to go thru when they didn't even know what RAIN was? Incredible!