Monday, September 5, 2011

Faith exercise...


I would like you to do an exercise. Ready? Get out of your chair.
Seriously... Get out of your chair.

Now hover over it, but don't sit on it. DON'T SIT IN THE CHAIR!

What makes you think it can hold you? After what you've been having for dinner lately, it might break.

But you want to be comfortable at your desk as you read the blog that made you question the integrity of your chair, so you should hover over it... it's the sensible thing to do.

Silly? Of course it is. (I really don't think your chair is going to break so you can sit down now... seriously, they've got engineers and designers that factored the brownie you had last night into the structure and composition of the chair... and the sundae the night before... and the cheesecake before that... please... have a seat.)

Funny thing is: sometimes (or lots of times) our faith in God is like hovering over that chair... we don't rely on the chair for silly nonsensical reasons. God has demonstrated to us in countless ways on countless occasions that we REALLY don't have any control; He does. He's asked us to sit in the chair.

Natalie, please sit down, you're gonna get yourself hurt.  
No, I know, I'm ok I don't need to sit, you don't get it, I really shouldn't sit, I'm just going to get your nice leather seats dirty.
Don't worry about the seats, I got it... I'm GOD... Seriously, sit down... I've got it under control...
I know you're God, but do you really think it's a good idea to go that way? What about going somewhere else?
Sorry, I know... I'd just rather hover, and possibly (or probably) topple over, thanks...

As much as I have control issues, God keeps showing me that He is the one that is in control, and I really need to let go and let God...

Father thank you for tolerating my nonsensical reasoning and faulty logic. Thank you for always bringing me closer to you and making me realize that you are the only one I need to trust. 

Thankful for:

11. Progress in cleaning and purging my environment.

12. Great friends, and great times... because these moments are precious, unique, and there's no getting a do- over. 

13. Movies that make you feel... both good and bad.

14. My dog that insists on stalking me through out my house, because I know one day she won't be able to anymore.

15. Knowing that just because I'm furious, doesn't change how much I love you. (Stolen from movie: One Day) 


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